Tax audit


Due Diligence Report

For entities:
  • who are interested in buying an enterprise or its organized part and want to check whether the offer is advantageous
  • which are to be taken over by another company in order to gain the trust of a potential contractor
  • which are subject to restructuring proceedings
  • want to know an objective assessment of the current situation of the enterprise
  • they intend to conduct a pre-investment audit before a merger of capital companies, before the sale of shares or stocks or before the company is introduced to public trading
  • an effective tool for managing the main areas of tax risk in the company
  • short preparation time of the report
  • helps you make a decision
  • helps in the preparation of negotiation tactics with the contractor
  • allows you to prepare an operation schedule
  • it is a guideline when entering into a transaction and limits its risk
  • free choice of time to conduct the test
  • little involvement of the accounting and management in the preparation of data for the due diligence report
  • is a diagnostic tool and focuses activities on the most important aspects of the transaction
  • a report prepared on the basis of diagnostic questionnaires
  • preparation of an objective assessment of the economic entity's situation
  • due diligence without auditors visiting the company
  • ongoing tax support
  • indication of the existing or potential risks related to the transaction
  • implementation of corrective actions


For entities that:
  • are planning organizational changes or business reorganization
  • want to purchase / sell an entity or shares
  • they function in a group of related entities
  • are frequent participants of tax audits
  • make personnel changes in their financial or accounting departments
  • need an ongoing analysis of the company's condition in terms of taxation
  • a tool to identify irregularities in the operation of an economic entity
  • error verification allows you to avoid tax and penal fiscal liability
  • increasing the company's tax security
  • enables cost optimization and appropriate risk management
  • the possibility of taking preventive actions
  • identification of the main areas of tax risk
  • indication of the areas of the company's activity that should be subjected to in-depth analysis
  • providing recommendations for necessary corrective actions
  • an indication of the measure aimed at reducing the tax risk
  • tax analysis of the correctness of settlements
  • verification of transfer pricing and withholding tax procedures
  • preparation of tax documentation
  • requests for interpretations (ORD-IN)
  • in-depth analysis of selected areas
  • tax planning

Mini audit

For entities that want to:
  • get to know the overall picture of the company and its tax condition
  • check the correctness of tax settlements
  • a short and condensed general report
  • indicates general irregularities in the billing
  • not requiring analysis of the company's documents
  • carried out on the basis of diagnostic questionnaires
  • preparation of a condensed report presenting the overall picture of the company
  • identification of the main tax risks
  • a proposal for further cooperation regarding a comprehensive tax audit
  • implementation of corrective actions
  • in-depth analysis of selected areas